Wild Alaska Salmon

Alaska Wild Salmon

Kosher Certified

Alaska wild salmon is designated as organic by Congress. Unlike salmon stocks in some other areas of the Pacific, our salmon are not classified as threatened or endangered. We don't pen-raise salmon, Alaska law prohibits salmon farming. Our fish are taken from wild, sustainable stocks. The pristine environment and struggle to live create strong, soft savory fish, naturally.

We offer only Alaska wild fish and hand-processed products using soft, natural ingredients. Farmed fish - raised in crowded, restrictive net pens in Europe, South America and some areas of North America, are fed fish meal that can pass on disease - that's part of why antibiotics are so heavily used in fish farms. Farmed fish are genetically weaker than their wild counterparts. Farmed fish have such pale meat that dyes are added to their food to color the flesh. For good reason, Alaskans are down on fish farming and see the up side of harvesting wild, sustainable fish.

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