Ketchikan Harbor, Alaska

The Finest Select Salmon and Halibut from Alaska

Fresh King Salmon Fillets

Lox and Dill

Alaska's fishermen bring Salmon Etc. their best Wild Alaskan Salmon. It's hand-filleted at its freshest and flash-frozen to lock in moisture and flavor preserving it's beautiful color and texture. All of our salmon are troll-caught. By catching salmon on hook and line, the utmost care in handling of your salmon is achieved for premium quality and sustainability of the fishery. Packaged in approx. 1 lb. sections with a minimum order being 5 lbs. Shipped FedEx overnight.

Fresh Halibut Fillets

Prepared Halibut

The deep, cold north Pacific yields one of the world's best-loved seafoods to grace your table. Our Wild Alaskan Halibut is fresh caught by local fishermen, hand-filleted and flash-frozen to preserve the mild flavor and firm texture our fillets are prized for. Packaged in approx. 1 lb. sections, with a minimum order being 5 lbs. Shipped FedEx overnight.

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