Ketchikan Harbor, Alaska

About Salmon Etc.

We've been in business since 1983 in Ketchikan, Alaska. Our small store is on Mission Street in the heart of downtown. We've sustained the business by providing good value and uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Ketchikan Harbor, Alaska

Our store stocks great Alaskan products

  • The finest alderwood smoked salmon fillets
  • Hand-packed cans of boneless salmon and halibut fillets, smoked or fresh
  • Delectable flash-frozen fresh salmon and halibut fillets

We offer specialties such as jerky, pet products and useful kitchen items with unique Alaskan appeal. When you insist on Alaska's best, our place is your place.

We are in the first City!

Ketchikan has been called the First City for generations. It's the first major American port for mariners coming up the Pacific coast out of Seattle. We're about 700 miles northwest of Seattle.

Ketchikan is on the Revillagigedo Island in the archipelago that makes up most of Southeast Alaska. Rainfall averaging 150 inches a year produces lush conifer forest on steep mountain sides and feeds the myriad of streams where all five species of Pacific salmon come to spawn. It's the Salmon capital of the world!

Our community grew up around the site of a summer fish camp for the Tlingit (KLING-gut) Indians along the creek they called Kichxaan. White settlers came in the late 1800s, drawn by salmon runs, mineral deposits and timber. Commercial harvests of salmon, halibut and shellfish have been an economic mainstay for more than a century. Tourism and the timber industry are the other strong legs of our region's economy.